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seo for lawyersThe attorneys of Paul & Perkins PA are very thankful they decided to work with Trighton. It is no accident that Paul & Perkins’ website achieved first place in local. Organic search within six months of launching. The site was designed specifically to do just that. The Law Firm’s new responsive, mobile-friendly website features excellent site architecture and design, as well with Law Firm SEO built-in which continues to drive the website to the top of Google. The website also features excellent content, which is good for both SEO and the user experience. When prospective clients come to the site, they can easily find all the information they need about personal injury cases and Paul & Perkins’ "different approach to injury law," and contact the firm to schedule a free case evaluation. Paul & Perkins’ Nursing Home Abuse Guide is a content-rich website that comes up first nationally in organic search. It provides useful information on types of elder abuse, negligence and injuries, as well as nursing home laws, liability and regulations. By providing empowering information, the site leads people to contact the firm to find out if they have a case. Accordingly, the website has been a very effective client acquisition and referral tool.

best seo company for lawyersDo understand that the costing does not include repeat business you get from the clients and also referrals. In most cases once you include life time value of a client & their referrals, the marketing spend turns out much lower. Hence, your actual ROI is much higher for each client you capture. Attorney internet marketing is one of the cheapest way to promote your business and capture lifetime clients. Everybody spends a lot of time in social media every day. Your potential client is no exception. Most people like to work with firms which are popular online. Social media marketing for attorneys program would help your law firm improve user engagement and help you build your online community. A post on Facebook or Twitter can help you engage and interact with your potential client and at the same time educate your client about happenings/updates in your industry. When you do this, it improves your online branding and builds trust. This would lead to more traffic to your website and more conversions. Majority of attorneys currently get new clients from internet. Hence it is important that you have a positive online reputation. More than 90% of online users statistically have not chosen a firm who has a negative online reputation.
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The reason why Google My Business is so important is because it helps increase visibility in search. You can list your law firm on Google My Business by visiting their dedicated site. Once there, sign in and add or claim your business address. As a part of their verification process, you’ll receive a postcard with a PIN from Google to your business address. You just need to login. Enter the PIN to complete verification. After your listing is approved, you are free to optimize your Google My Business account with a nice, detailed description to get the most out of it. Getting active on Google My Business may seem like a simple step, but it can make a big difference to your local SEO efforts. Google is going big on location-based searches. The search engine behemoth is utilizing location info listed on your website. Other websites/platforms to improve its search results. So make sure your N.A.P (name, address, and phone number) information is consistent across multiple platforms/sites. And matches your Google My Business page. For instance, avoid having "street" in one place and "st.", in another. Sometimes even a simple hyphen can make the information seem different. Also, look out for anyone who has unknowingly or mistakenly listed your business with different information on another site.
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