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The first phase of the client journey begins the minute that a lead first contacts a firm. In order to ensure that an opportunity is never missed, a law firm needs to have an efficient client intake process in place. By using law firm client intake software, law firms can capture a lead’s contact information, input it directly into their database, and track a lead from day one. Software like Lawmatics shows a birds-eye view of where each lead stands, and which ones need to be followed up with. Without a clear understanding of what actions need to be taken next for each lead, it’s easy to lose track of opportunities. With so many inquiries coming in, many law firms struggle to stay on top of whether a lead has been called or emailed back, potentially letting an opportunity slip through the cracks. Statistics show that nearly 60% of law firms don't respond to their emails, and almost 35% don't even answer the phone. Unfortunately, slower response times are one of your biggest enemies when it comes to converting a legal lead into a paying client.
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Build Your Case Load! Real Leads. Real Results. Lead generation for lawyers is unlike marketing any other niche online. Hyper-competitive, and full of marketing-smart players, attorney online marketing that actually delivers is hard to come by. Fortunately, we aren’t like other digital marketing and lead generation agencies out there. See, the way we handle attorney internet marketing and lead generation for law practices is a little bit different. Maybe PPC or social media isn’t right for your market. Maybe SEO is too competitive. Our legal lead generation experts find the right blend of digital marketing techniques for your target legal markets and desired lead types, and execute that strategy with a flexibility that is responsive to both market fluctuations and your feedback. And instead of misdirecting you with talk of rankings and flashy reports that don’t really tell you anything, we keep you laser-focused on the one thing that matters- building your caseload with Exclusive, Targeted, & Verified Real Leads. The types and quantity of leads that we attract for your law firm depends on you, your geographic location, your desired client type, and your budget.

You can also look for an SEO expert among Clio’s Certified Consultants. SEO services for lawyers are specialized, so take the time to make sure the expert you find is a good fit for your firm. The right legal SEO specialist should be well-versed in the industry. Its pain-points when it comes to SEO. They should also be able to discuss the role of content, backlinks, and technical SEO, and explain their approach. Don’t be afraid to check references with other law firms, their portfolio, and any available case studies. They’re ultra-focused on clicks, traffic, and leads. They can’t (or won’t) explain their process. What practice areas can benefit from SEO services for law firms? Whether your practice area focuses on commercial law, family law, or media law, you need potential clients to be able to find you easily online-which means your firm could benefit from better SEO, and SEO services for lawyers. If you want potential clients to be able to find you in 2022, you need a law firm website-and one that’s search engine optimized. While the art of SEO is learnable, it’s time-consuming, evolves constantly, and takes time away from other important areas of focus at your firm. That’s why hiring SEO services for law firms could be a great solution. By staying on top of the latest in SEO and implementing smart strategies, a good SEO expert can help bring your firm’s SEO to the next level so you can grow your business faster and easier in the year to come.

legal leadsSo if you are a lawyer in Chicago, you would probably write down "Chicago lawyer," "law firm in Chicago," "Illinois law firm," and so on. Once you’ve brainstormed these phrases, it’s time to do a little analysis. Before you start populating every inch of your website with random keywords in an attempt to improve your rankings, you should know that each of your specified keywords and phrases is going to take a different amount of work. 1, the broad one may take months or even years of hard, dedicated link building and content marketing. Perform a competitive analysis on each of the phrases you’ve selected. First, simply search the internet for these keywords. Who’s ranking, and in what spot? These are your competitors - take note of them. You should also look for tools online that can offer you statistics on the number of daily searches for each keyword, or the number of websites competing for it. Research your keywords as much as you can, and take note of what you are finding. After some research and analysis, you should be able to identify a few keywords with a low barrier of entry, some with slight difficulty, and a few broad terms that can be aspired for over a long period of time, or with Pay-for-Performance SEO.
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